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Under Age Andrea Dosek

Under Age

Andrea Dosek

Published August 5th 2014
ISBN : 9781629010953
626 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Shes just dreaming, Jared. Give her a chance to finish, Megan said. Look at her, Megan- something is wrong. Her face is too red. Shes too hot. Get this stuff off of her. Versity, whats the meaning of this? Versitys voice was calm and quiet. Rhea knew what she was asking for. Rhea wanted a clear picture. Picture? What are you talking about? Rhea could hear the fear in Jareds voice. She wanted to wake up, to open her eyes and tell him everything was fine, but her dream continued. Shoot the hostage, she said. Steve shook his head no. Shoot the hostage, Rhea kept repeating over and over again. Steve was still saying no. He cant say no, Rhea cant hear him. Hostage? Rhea was the hostage. She was asking Steve or Jared to shoot her and take her out of the equation. She needed to make it harder for her captors to move her around. Make her bleed! Rhea, love, will you open your eyes? The nightmare was over.